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What is xGate Token (xGT)?

xGate is a token developed to provide new services such as insurance products and fixed deposits which are commonly offered by banks. The incorporation of Ethereum-based smart contrac can dramatically reduce human cost as well as shorten the service time. xGate has its own platform where token holders can trade. Token holders will have the benefit of accessign various platforms and receive fair profits. Since the blockchain technology is compatible with the concept of blockchain, xGate tokens aim to partner with existing financial institutions rather than competing with them.

Business Models

xGate token aims to start the banking system as early as January 2019 and acquire licenses offshore to start building bank systems which are mullti-currency in nature. xGate’s service offerings comprise of deposit service, current exchange service, and provision of debit cards. Users can also make use of bank transfer aside from deposit and withdrawal of different currencies.

How to Deposit xGate Token with Bluebelt?


Go to https://www.bluebelt.asia/ and Register for an Account


You can deposit your xGate tokens into your Bluebelt General Account wallet, both of which use multisignature technology, for safekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What token holders can do with their xGate Tokens?

Token holders can access different financial institutions by coexiting with these insitutions.. Holders can also receive AirDrop from the accummulated profits from the platform.

2. What are the other functionalities of the xGate tokens?

Being an xGT holders means that you can perform forex and margin trade of cryptocurrencies. xGate tokens are also made available for online shopping

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